Dune II

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Dune II
Name: Dune II Full Version
Type: Game
Version: 1.07
Size: 4.9MB
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The full working version of Dune II, the first ever Real Time Strategy game.

Dune II Add-ons
High Tech Factory
IX :: Research Facility
Name Description Size
Dune II Atreides New campaign for the Atreides in a multi-army Dune II 90KB
Dune II Depaker Unpacks the PAK files to edit scenarios individually 10KB
Dune II Harkonnen Selection of Harkonnen missions for Dune II 30KB
Dune II Editor 1.24 Mission editor and constructor for all armies by Stefan Hendricks 110KB
Dune II Editing Help Definitive help guide for editing missions with Dune Editor 400KB
Dune II Intro JPG images from the introduction of Dune II 350KB
Dune II Languages Support for French and German game play 580KB
Dune II Missions Complete set of original missions extracted from PAK file 110KB
Dune II Mission Patch Patch for Fremen, Mercenary and Sardaukar missions 30KB
Dune II Ordos Selection of Ordos missions for Dune II 30KB
Dune II Patch Awesome hack that removes copy protect 20KB
Dune II Seeds All Seed Maps, Atreides and Harkonnen are revealed, plus 6 unknowns 70KB
Dune II Sound Sort out your sound card problems with this sound patch 70KB
Dune II Unit Editor Excellent unit and building editor 50KB