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House Atreides has been a prominent power for thousands of years. They have a long tradition of being and just administrators. Their people are loyal, hard working, and rather peaceful. The Atreides leaders are intelligent and noble and the Atreides have a great devotion towards duty. Atreides were one of the first Houses to come to Arrakis and are well prepared for the conditions they will have to face. Atreides Logo
The Atreides home planet is called, Caladan. It has a warm, calm climate and the lands are lush and green. The rich soils and mild weather combine to make it a agricultural planet. In the recent centuries industrial and technological growth have added to the prosperity of the Atreides. Atreides Home World: Caladan

The Mentat for the Atreides is Cyril. The Atreides are not known for attacking first but instead defend themselves well against the attacks of the other Houses. The Atreides start out trying to be diplomatic but this strategy will not work and all out warfare between the houses is imminent.

The Ordos are represented by a group of wealthy families who banded together for greater security. The Ordos have little conscience and seem to gain strength through their sabotage and terrorism. They are protected by their great wealth and their status as a great House is unaffected by their long history of deception.

Ordos Logo

The home planet of the Ordos is a frigid ice-covered world. It is believed that the Ordos import their agricultural and technological goods from nearby star systems. Acting as traders and brokers, the Ordos produce no physical products but instead rely upon their merchandising skills to make their profits.  
The Mentat Ammon is in charge of the Ordos operations on Dune.  
House Harkonnen is the most savage House in the universe. The Harkonnens have a history of using violence and fear to achieve their objectives. Status for the Harkonnens is taken not given. If a soldier kills his commander, he assumes that position and is respected by all. Harkonnen Logo
House Harkonnen comes from the dark planet of Giedi Prime. They have spread across the universe with the evil tactics. The Harkonnen are a cruel people and can be ruthless towards both friend and foe in their pursuit of control of Dune.  
The Harkonnen campaign is being dictated by the Mentat Radnor. Radnor is a true Harkonnen, killing the previous Mentat Marko, his former teacher and guide. The Harkonnens have spent most of their time assembling a large military force and are by far the strongest force on Dune. The Harkonnens are very dangerous as they mainly want to just conquer the other Houses.  

General Dune II Introduction

Planet Arrakis
The Planet Arrakis

This is the planet Arrakis, known by those who know it as "Dune". The planet is made up entirely of sand and rock. A great tournament has been initiated by the Emperor of Dune. Only one house will prevail, successfully harvesting the Spice Melange and destroying any opposing forces.

Native Inhabitants of Arrakis
Harkonnen :: Devastator

Pictured left are Fremen soldiers, native inhabitants of the planet Arrakis. No further general Dune II introduction available at the current time.

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